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Player Space Allocation Process

We're overwhelmed at the interest already shown for our game, but unfortunately there are more people interested than we have spaces in the game, so we will be adopting the UK Freeforms process to assign initial places in the game and the waitlist.

It is entirely possible that you will not agree with the process and/or the results. However, after carefully considering the representations made by multiple parties, UK Freeforms have adopted the system of allocation set out below. They would respectfully ask you to accept their decision and abide by it. They will not be entering into any further discussion of the merits of the chosen system or otherwise. They will use this system for all future games where the expected number of interested players exceeds the spaces available.

Commentary however is welcomed, and may be taken into account, if the process requires refinement, in future years.

The full details of the process can be found in the PDF here. The information following on this page is an attempt to present the details of the process in a more accessible format, but the PDF should be treated as the 'official' version of the process.

Executive Summary

There’s going to be a lottery for places in the game. A certain number of spaces will be set aside for newcomers and those who are putting in the work to make games happen. If you’re in a couple/family/other group; you will need to decide if you want to be considered separately or as a unit.



Process Details

Registering an interest for the game
  • GMs for the weekend game for the following year advise UKF of the number of spaces and character gender breakdown (M, F, N) for their game. What N means is down to the GMs. It may be that the character will be finalised as one gender or the other, or it may be a truly agendered character.
  • If children (under 18s) are permitted to take part in the game, then GMs will confirm this and the number of child spaces to UKF.
  • Prior to the weekend game interest for the game for the following year will be gauged using an online survey advised by UKF.
  • Potential players shall notify UKF in the survey which of the following categories they wish to be considered to participate in the game and the preferred gender of their character in the game
    • a single individual (M, F or N); or
    • a couple (M,F or M,M, or F,F or M,N, or N,N, or F,N); or
    • a family group (with details of the relevant gender types as above/children).
  • UKF will ask if any potential players who link themselves in any response to the survey do not select the same category as each other.
  • If there are more players requesting a space than there are spaces, then a draw as described below will take place.
  • UKF shall be entitled to exclude any player from allocation of a space or entry into the lottery, at their absolute discretion, and without giving reasons. Factors which UKF may take into account may include, but are not limited to: participating in any illegal activity at a UKF event; acting in such a way to endanger others; acting in an antisocial manner that is likely to spoil the enjoyment of others; being identified by the GMs as an issue which would potentially cause them to have difficulty in casting the game; causing damage to an event space; acting in breach of any anti-harassment policy at a UKF event, or otherwise acting in such a way likely to bring the reputation of UKF into disrepute.
  • All spaces are non-transferable and can only be taken up by the named individual to whom they are allocated.
  • UKF will allocate up to six spaces for the following year’s weekend game to the GM team for the current year's weekend game.
  • UKF will allocate up to three spaces to the significant others of the incoming GM team.
  • UKF will allocate up to three spaces for UKF in order to provide services to delivery of the current and/or following game, which may include, but not be restricted to, hotel liaison, finance, technical services and transportation.
  • UKF will allocate to up four spaces for players who have not previously attended a UKF weekend game.
  • UKF will allocate up to two spaces to the significant others/responsible adult of/for new players.

The Lottery

  • UKF shall appoint an independent person who is unrelated to UKF officers and/or the GMs, to ensure the remaining spaces are allocated to players on an anonymous basis.
  • They will create a key which UKF will not have access to before the draw. This will be shared with two third parties.
  • UKF will give notice for the draw and hold it somewhere that other people can witness the draw.
  • UKF will do the draw based on the units (see above) and will allocate spaces to the players based on gender split and size of unit.
  • In the interests of security complete lists will not be posted on line.
  • Players need to tell UKF whether they will take up their space or not.
  • Once the initial list has been publicly posted it will not be publicly updated further.
  • Players must pay a deposit for the game within 30 days of being offered a space and must pay the balance by the end of September, a reminder will be issued if necessary.
  • If payment is not received within 14 days of the reminder, then the game slots for that player will be offered to players on the waitlist. The rest of the unit can decide whether they still wish to take up their spaces.
  • If players drop from the game prior to casting, then they will be replaced in numerical order as individuals from the waitlist by character gender preference/child determination.
  • Once the game has been cast the GMs will be able to select from the waitlist the player they wish to offer a role, based on whatever criteria they choose. UKF may provide input related to the availability of hotel room spaces, but the final decision will rest with the GMs.
  • If GMs create additional character roles they will tell UKF who will offer spaces in the same way as when a player drops.
  • If a player needs to drop from the game they must advise UKF as soon as possible:
    • Any player who withdraws before casting will receive a refund of all monies paid, minus an administration fee of £10.
    • Any player dropping between casting and 30 days prior to the start of the game will be refunded half of all monies paid.
    • Any player dropping within 30 days of the game start will not be entitled to a refund.
    • Monies retained may be used by UKF as they see fit, which may include offering free or reduced price places to replacement players.
  • For avoidance of doubt any fees paid towards a game are not transferrable to future games.



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