1897: Queen Victoria's DIAMOND Jubilee

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1897... recreates London and Windsor of the British Empire at its zenith. Join us more than a century later and experience first-hand the world of 1897: Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. This weekend-long, live-action, theatre-style game consists of a cast of historical characters, drawn from real people who were alive in the year 1897, and fictional characters from books written around that time.


1897... is a Live Action Role-Playing Game. The players donít sit around a table with a referee, or watch a group of actors play out a murder scene. Instead, each of the players takes on a character role, interacting with the other players: negotiating, persuading, romancing and - when all else fails - demanding satisfaction! Players remain in character all weekend long and are encouraged to dress in costume. There is no script: players make up the story as they go, trying to achieve their goals, with occasional reference to a Director.


1897... Was first run in the US in 1992 and has been played before in the UK, in 1997, to widespread acclaim. Now, for 2008, it is being expanded and partially re-written. The game will build on the success of the original UK and US runs, but contain new and revised characters, plotlines, and a variety of new twists and turns. Immerse yourself in negotiations surrounding Europe's fragile Balance of Power; walk the seedy and sometime perilous back-streets and alleys of London - where famous detectives hunt desperate criminals; explore the exciting scientific world of invention; or simply revel in the social event of the century! Come, slip into the world of 1897, and help us celebrate the 19th Century's great going-away party for itself.


Information - Registration - Venue - Rules