Lullaby of Broadway: All That Jazz

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Lullaby of Broadway: All That Jazz is a weekend-long, theatre-style live action role-playing game (aka a Freeform) based on well known Broadway musicals such as:

  Avenue Q






  Little Shop of Horrors

  Phantom of the Opera

  The Rocky Horror Show

  Sweeny Todd

  West Side Story

Life in the Windy Apple looks particularly busy this coming weekend.  The annual Regatta at the lake runs right alongside the Corny Collins Battle of the Bands on Saturday, whilst on Sunday some lucky local girl will end up crowned Miss Teen Hairspray.  Scientists in town investigating the recent completely unprecedented, unexpected Total Eclipse of the Sun can discuss their theories with top local scientists Doctors Everett Scott and Frank-N-Furter.

Those after a show can get their culture fix at the Opera House or go for something slightly lower-brow at the Moulin Rouge or Kit Kat Club; although the Kit Katís top draw, Miss Sally Bowles, has recently been arrested and for now only performs at the Cook County Jail.  If your budget is lower, like those clean-cut kids at Rydell High, then maybe a trip to the Drive In will be more your style, perhaps fuelled with something from Mrs Lovittís Pie Shop. Or you can stroll down to Avenue Q to take at look at the monsters.

But do make sure you bring a little caution with you on your trip.  The Windy Apple is an exciting place, but is has rather more than its fair share of gang fights, reefer, burglary, prison breakouts, prostitution, heroin, monsters, backstabbing, frontstabbing, cocaine, dirty politics, racism, drunken driving, murder, public riots, insane stalkers, filth, greed, vermin, spite, questionable edibles and health code violations.

See you soon for a truly memorable weekend in the Windy Apple, playing Lullaby of Broadway: All That Jazz

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