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Q: Iím confused. Are the characters putting on a show or are they characters from the shows or are they generic characters like ďthe female prisonerĒ or ďthe teenaged greaserĒ?

A: All of the characters in the game are directly taken from Broadway musicals. So expect to be playing characters like Mary Poppins, Captain Hook, Elphaba, Patsy, or Arthur, King of the Britons.


Q: Does this mean I can play a great character from my favourite musical and sing some of my favourite songs?

A: If the musical is in the game, then very much Yes. Plus we love you. And there are plots and character backgrounds from more shows in the game than those listed on the information page.


Q: I donít like performing in front of others, or singing. Wonít I have to do both of these if I play the game?

A: No. There are plenty of opportunities to sing or perform for those who revel in them, but this is always optional.  As usual, nobody will be expected to do anything they donít want to do.


Q: Will this be a proper Weekend-Long Freeform, or just a series of vignettes Iíll have to watch people perform?

A: Freeforming is all about interactions between people in character. Lullaby of Broadway: Into the Woods is first and foremost a freeform. Characters are detailed, linked to people from musicals other than their own and fully-plotted. We hope some players will want to sing, but nobody will ever have to sing or be the audience.  There will be plenty of other areas to go and role-play in.


Q: But how do I know Iíll enjoy the game? Is it any good?

A: As with any game, the only way to find out for sure is to play it. Tony Mitton says; "I played in all three Lullaby of Broadway games and had a great time in all of them. For the record, I didnít sing a note in two games and mumbled in the chorus for a couple of songs in one".


Q: Is the game suitable for children?

A: Probably. It is about fairy tales, but some of them are very dark. Talk to us if you are a child, or have a child wanting to play.


Q: Will I have to sing if you cast me as a character with lots of songs? Like, say, Mary Poppins or Glinda?

A: No.


Q: So I really donít have to sing or dance if I donít want to? Promise?

A: We promise. Not even for Defying Gravity, if you donít want to.


Q: Iím still not convinced, can you tell me more? And what aboutÖ?

A: If you have any more questions, please email us at lullaby@ishtari.co.uk. Or join the mailing list (details on the information page)


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