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Tales of Pendragon


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Tales of Pendragon asks you to follow certain conventions in order that everyone may have a good time. They involve several areas.


The Game Space.  When you are in the game space, stay in character. Imagine that you were an actor on stage or in a theme attraction such as a Renaissance Festival; at such an event, you would do your best not to diminish the audience’s experience by acting in a modern way. In ToP, the other players are your audience, and anything you can do to maintain the illusion for them is very important. If you need to talk to a Bard about matters which cannot be expressed in character, just say “Good Sir, could I address you on a private matter,” or the like, and leave the game space with him. We will provide a “break room” for people to go to if they need to talk about the real world, call their loved ones, fix their costumes, or what have you.


Costumes.  Costuming is required for ToP, in order to avoid breaking the illusion. That being said, anything remotely Celtic, medieval, renaissance, or fairy-tale is fine. Your costume doesn’t have to be Arthurian, it just has to be not modern. Again, the outfits you see at Renaissance Fairs are perfectly acceptable. If you just do not have anything suitable and cannot get anything for the game due to financial hardship, let us know and we will try to borrow something for you.


Respecting Other People.  Please don’t touch other players unless they have given you express permission. People like to role-play for all sorts of different reasons and are comfortable with different levels of emotional intensity. We expect our players to respect one another’s boundaries. Be attentive to the sensibilities of your fellow players and everyone will have a better time.


Children.  We are happy to accommodate the needs of parents with children to reasonable extent. Children old enough to follow the rules of the game are welcome to play ToP. They will be given characters that we think appropriate to their age and ability. If you need to bring children that are too young to play, please tell us. If there is sufficient interest, we will arrange child care on Saturday at the hotel, for which we will charge a fee. Children too young to play will not be permitted in the game space, as they would disrupt the experience of the other players.


Pendragon - Players Intro - Players Guide - Travellers Guide - Rules - Conventions  


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