Here are some links to albums of photographs taken by Nathan Richards at some previous weekend freeforms:

1897 - Queen Victoria's Jubilee (1997 Run)

Shakespeare's Lost Play

Torch of Freedom

Continuum 2006


Consequences 'A' - 2007


The photographs are by Nathan. Any errors/omissions in the captions are my fault.

These are pictures of me at Torch of Freedom, from a variety of sources

These are my pictures from Siege of Troy, this page has other pictures and reviews

For Masquerade - I finally remembered to take some photographs myself. I also took a video camera to Masquerade:

Fire Dance I
Fire Dance II
Commedia dell’Arte
QueenOrTart's Dress
Dancing at the Doge's Ball
Teatro San Goivanni Grisostomo

Teatro de San Luca
Beaumarchais duels the King of France