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23rd - 25th October 2015

We are now taking registrations for Sharp & Sensibility

Game Costs

The early bird game fee for Sharp & Sensibility before 31st March 2015 will be $100.00

If you pay for Sharp & Sensibility after 31st March 2015 the game fee will be $110.00

If you pay for Sharp & Sensibility after 1st June 2015 the game fee will be $120.00

(Please note that $20 of this is considered a non-refundable deposit. Partial refunds are available through August 31st)

You may optionally choose to pay the standard game fee, $25 less than the standard game fee if you're feeling a little broke at the moment or $25 more than the standard game fee if you'd like to pay some extra to help others out.

The game fee does not include accommodation costs, but we have negotiated a discount rate with the hotel, please see the venue page for more details. You will need to book your own room directly with the hotel (mentioning Sharp and/or Wilmark Dynasty) and settle your own hotel account at the end of the weekend.

Note: Due to the subject and scope of the material, we are only accepting signups from players aged 15 and up at the time of the game. We cannot accommodate younger children at this event.

To register for the game, complete the online registration form and submit your payment:

The game fee can be paid by PayPal:

Game Fee
Player Name(s)

If you would rather pay by check, these should be made it payable to Elyssia McCormick

Please send an email to Elyssia to let her know that's how you want to pay and to get the address to send the check to.


If you have any specific questions that aren't answered on the site please contact us

Information - Registration - Venue