Siege of Troy

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Troy. A city with a long and vibrant history that stands upon the banks of the Scamander River. It controls access to the Straits of the Bosphorus and King Priam extorts tribute from all who pass. The Trojans grow rich and powerful and their arm stretches its shadow into the Aegean Sea, into the seat of power of the squabbling Greek kings and their constantly-shifting mesh of alliances. So it was that Paris, Prince of Troy, ventured into the East and was welcomed with guest-right by Menelaus, King of Sparta, who had won the hand (but some say not the heart) of the fair Helen, the most beautiful, ‘gainst many a noble suitor. So it was that Paris fled Greece, taking with him she whose face brought longing to every warrior’s heart. Heralds demanded her return lest there be war yet they returned empty-handed. That much is known.

Paris, the wife-stealer, the thief, the breaker of guest-right – so says Menelaus and his brother, King Agamemnon of Mycenae. A man will fight for honour and for beauty when he will not fight for matters of trade. Such things inspire a warrior born. Yet there are whispers that Helen did not resist too much.

“Troy will fall! Zeus has decreed it shall be so!” Claims Calchas, the renegade, a Trojan who has turned his back on his own people. The Greeks heed the words of the High Priest and put aside their differences. They gather – aged Nestor of Pylos, Castor and Pollux, Ajax, and many others, even Odysseus of Ithaca who had sworn not to leave his wife and new-born babe. The whisper sounds in the ears of all those who have the wit to hear it: “The Greeks are coming”…

And so they come to Troy. And they stay. A wooden palisade around their ships. Their homes. Their lives. Warriors die in their thousands, their blood soaking into the sand until the very waters of the Scamander run red. But the walls of Troy are stout and firm. Nine years have passed and all men weary, sooner or later. Single combat is proposed to break the deadlock: Menelaus and Paris, man to man. One warrior’s life hangs in the balance to determine all. Yet it is not to be. As Menelaus knocks the Trojan prince’s helmet from his head with a ringing blow, from somewhere an arrow flies and the Spartan is wounded. A sandstorm blows out of nowhere and the combatants make their escape. The siege continues…

Tensions run high. There are rumours of dissent among the ranks. Accusations of betrayal have begun to circulate. Hector, Prince of Troy, is too well-placed to repulse the Greek attack. He defies all and none can withstand him. Is there a traitor among the Greek councils of war? Does Athene protect the city? Do the Trojans utilise black, magical arts to thwart their enemies? Even Achilles, most vaunted of heroes, lies dead at Hector's hand and his armour, crafted by the artificer-god Haephestus, stripped from his body. A truce is called. A Hero has fallen. It is only right and proper that he be mourned by Greek and Trojan alike. There will be games and contests of skill and strength in honour of his name.

Emboldened by the peace, names of legend have come to the Trojan plain to pitch their might against the best: Heracles, Theseus, Jason, Penthesilia of the Amazons to name but few. Priests now flock to Troy to spread word of their religion and observe the spectacle. Kings have gathered to determine whether to pitch their weight behind the combatants for it is certain that the spoils garnered by the victors will be great indeed. Rumours spread of secret conferences, debate and acrimony.

It is the tenth year of the siege of Troy. Greek morale can endure no more. This year Troy will fall or the Greeks will crumble, fragment and be destroyed. The Fates are measuring each man’s lifespan and who can say who will be found wanting…


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