West End Lullaby is for 77 players, plus two to three NPCs

The minimum age for players is sixteen years of age. Players under the age of eighteen must be accompanied a playing parent.


The writers are committed to a diverse casting policy. Due to the source material some characters in this game are strongly binary gendered. The writers have made efforts to ensure a range of characters are available who are not. There are also a number of gender-neutral characters, who can be played as the player prefers. We will cast players (with their permission) as characters of other genders if the casting mix requires.

The GMs wish to be clear that we have written a range of romances into play, including explicitly non-het relationships, and we support players playing the type of romances that they choose. There are aro and ace characters, along with the regular “no romance plots please”. Preferences will be asked for on the casting form.

Dramatis Personae

The Upper Crust

Angelica Schuyler Wealthy heiress and political activist
Bill "Rusty" Snibson A poor train mechanic, feeling out of place
Count Isidore Fosco Italian nobility and famed gourmand
Dolly Levi A matchmaker
Eliza Schuyler City Councillor
Fester Addams A hobbyist and inventor
Golde Schuyler A rich housewife
Gomez Addams Flamboyant family man and collector of Inquisition memorabilia
Grandma Addams Definitely someone’s parent
Maria, Duchess of Dene City Councillor and unquestioned arbiter of social standing
Marian Halcombe Femme Fatale in training
Mayor Falco War hero, successful businessman, unchallenged incumbent
Morticia Addams City Councillor and Addams family matriarch
Sloane Socialite, owner of Silver Lining Radio and wife of Mayor Falco
Sir John Tremayne A gentleman and a judge
Sir Percival Glyde Dashing young Baronet and Police Commissioner
Tevye Schuyler Rich business owner and family patriarch

The Casey Street Community

Ariel An assistant at the hat shop
Mrs Blitzstein Owner of the Bits and Bobs market stall and pillar of the community
Billy Blitzstein Aimless child of Mrs Blitzstein
Donna Casey Proprietor of the Ramshackle Hotel, the heart of the community
Eliza Doolittle Flower stall owner
Joe Casey A disreputable young man looking for a fresh start
Joe Casey A promising young man on his way up in the world
Mary Poppins A recent hire at the cheese shop
Miranda Irene Molloy Hat shop proprietor
Sophie Casey A bride-to-be with a daring wedding plan

Horace Green High School Staff and Students

Miss Rosalie Mullins A strict headmistress and former Olympic hammer throwing champion
Miss Jennifer Honey A school teacher
Mr. Harry 'Fagin' Blitzstein Physical Education teacher
Mr. Ned Schneebly A substitute teacher
Charlie Bucket Orphan
Franz Klinemann Child of Patty Klinemann and budding glam stylist
Lawrence "Cookie" Banks Child struggling to reconnect with his family
Matilda Wormwood A child who possibly reads too much
Penny Vandergelder Teenage tearaway
Pugsley Addams A disturbingly engaged child
Raven Mayor’s daughter and prisoner of expectations
Reecey "The Dodger" Teen delinquent and juvenile detention record holder
“Summer” Vandergelder Chess protégé, aspiring manager and PR expert, on the rise
Wednesday Addams A disturbingly disengaged child

Other Residents

Aaron Burr Respected lawyer
Bert A handyman
Bugsy Malone Whom everyone knows and anyone can hire
Captain Lazar Tempest Businessman and astronaut
Constance Sack A passionate journalist
Dandy Dan Aspirational businessman and rumoured mob boss
Delores van Cartier A lounge singer
Dennis Dupree Ageing rocker and proprietor of the Bourbon Room
Dewey Finn Unemployed ex-member of Arsenal
Eddie Schuyler Policeman
Elwood ‘CB’ Blues Train engineer and former musician
‘Fat Sam’ Stacetto Proprietor of Fat Sam’s Grand Slam and rumoured mob boss
Greaseball Train engineer and Arsenal rocker
Professor Henry Higgins Speech therapist and World Chess Champion
Horace Vandergelder Successful business owner
Inspector Javert Senior detective and Falco’s most feared enforcer
Jake Blues Singer and ex-con
Jean Valjean City Councillor and philanthropic businessman
Joe Bucket Elderly odd job man
Lonny Poppins Sound technician at the Bourbon Room
Michael Banks City Council secretary and civil servant
Patty Klinemann Property developer and designer of clean, efficient living spaces
Paul Gill Music Promoter
William Pressman Ambitious property developer and business owner
Dr. Prospero Renowned scientist
Sarah Wyre Community activist and trainee lawyer
Mr Thenardier Bartender at Fat Sam’s Grand Slam
Tallulah Thenardier Lounge singer at Fat Sam’s Grand Slam
William Wonka Inventor and reclusive business owner
Zahara City Doctor

Recent Arrivals

Alexander Hamilton An immigrant lawyer, new to the City
Anatoly Sergievsky Russian Chess master and world championship contender.
Alexander Molokov Russian Chess master; Sergievsky’s second.
Drew Boley Busboy at the Bourbon Room, with dreams of becoming a star
Sherrie Christian Waiter at the Bourbon Room, with dreams of becoming a star
Stacee Jaxx Lead singer of Arsenal
Strat Young rebel and leader of the Lost
Walter de Courcey World famous correspondent for Global News

The Holy Order of the Sisters of Perpetual Faith

Mother Mary Lazarus The Mother Superior
Sister Mary Clarence A restless nun
Sister Mary Patrick A weary nun

Also Starring

Bad Horse Infamous leader of the Evil League of Evil
Mr. Casey A ghost
Captain Hammer A civic hero
Commander Khashoggi An arms dealer and enforcer
Elektra A train engineer and tech enthusiast
Fake Thomas Jefferson Criminal mastermind and member of the Evil League of Evil
Formerly Addamses Various ghosts
Frenchie A train robber
Galileo Figaro A rebel and dreamer
Dr. Horrible Criminal mastermind and pirate radio contributor
Jennyanydots An educator
The Killer Queen Artificial intelligence and global ruler
Macavity A mystery
Meat A sceptical Rebel
The Moon An astronomical body
Phil Connors A TV presenter having a bad day
Rudolph A head waiter of impeccable standard
Scaramouche A rebel
The Snark A monster
The Woman in White Possibly a ghost