4th - 6th September 2020

Registration is now open - please complete the form here:

Shogun Registration


Game Costs

The standard game fee for Shogun is $ 200

The game fee includes lunch and dinner on Saturday

Accommodation costs are not included, but we have negotiated a discount rate with the hotel; please see the venue page for more details. You will need to settle your own hotel account at the end of the weekend.

The Registration Process

There are 72 characters in Shogun. There are no places for players under the age of 18.

Places in the game will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis from the Registration list generated by players filling out the Registration Form, and with a confirming payment received by the end of the month.

Registration is opening on March 18th and Round One will close on March 31st. We will still accept Registrations and Payments beyond this date, either to fill the game or a waitlist.

Players who Register will receive a CONFIRMATION of receipt of their Registration and/or Payments within 3 days - these are a confirmation of RECEIPT only, and DO NOT confirm you a place in the game. An announcement will be made on or before April 7th with a full list of those players receiving places in the game and anyone who has been placed on a waiting list. This will give us time to verify payments, examine the gender balance, and communicate with any players as necessary.

Separate announcements will come out later from the various writing and production teams about Hotel Room bookings (please wait to book these through our group) and Casting Forms, etc. At this stage we are just opening Registration.

To Register For Shogun

  • Fill out the Registration Form - Please use the link at the top of the page.
  • Make a confirming Payment. To be considered in the first round of Registration, please make this payment by March 31st. You can either:

    • Pay a non-refundable* deposit of $50 - please use the payment plan link below.
    • Pay the $200 game fee in full (which includes the non-refundable* deposit of $50) - please use the full payment link below.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In the current circumstances, we do still fervently hope that the game will be able to go ahead. We will as a group of writers and organizers be re-evaluating the practical feasibility of the game based on registration levels, current coronavirus prognosis and advice, government-enforced closures, travel restrictions, etc. on or before May 15th, and will make an announcement within a week of that date. We advise that you wait until after this announcement to make any travel arrangements or purchase costuming, etc. We also recommend you take out any travel insurance or other arrangements necessary to protect yourself(ves) against postponement or cancellation. We will not be held responsible for any expenses incurred beyond what monies you have paid toward the game fee itself.

Payment Links

Payment Plan
(There will be two further payments of $75 requested by May 15th and July 15th. Any player without their fees paid in full by July 15th risks being dropped from the game.)


Full Payment
($50 of which is a non-refundable* deposit.)

* The Small Print:

Payment above and beyond the deposit of $50 is refundable through July 15th, assuming there is a player on the waitlist to take your place.

All other refunds are discretionary and will be handled on a case-by-case basis, as these games run on very tight budgets.

In the event that the game is prevented, hindered or delayed due to factors outside of the reasonable control of the organisers, including but not limited to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the game is cancelled then the organisers shall refund the game fee paid by each player and each party shall bear its own costs.

The collective liability of organisers and of the GMs (whether in contract or otherwise) under and in connection with the game shall, save to the extent precluded by law, be limited to the refund of the game fee, less any reasonable expenses incurred.

Wilmark Dynasty shall be entitled, in their absolute discretion and without giving reasons, to exclude any player from consideration for allocation of a space and/or participation in the game, whether before or after commencement of the game. Factors which Wilmark Dynasty may take into account shall include, but are not limited to, conduct at a Wilmark Dynasty event or any other event which constitutes: participating in any illegal activity; acting in such a way as to endanger others; acting in an antisocial manner that is likely to spoil the enjoyment of others; being identified by the GMs as a person who hinders the casting or conduct of the game; causing damage to an event space; acting in breach of any anti-harassment policy, or otherwise acting in such a way likely to bring the reputation of Wilmark Dynasty into disrepute.

If you have any specific questions that aren't answered on the site please email shogun-admin